Free Easter Bunny Coloring Page for Kids

Helping to Keep Kids Busy Over Easter
By Marvin Double

After the eggs are decorated, and the chocolate bunny's nibbled, you might want to add a coloring activity to the agenda to help keep kids occupied over the Easter Holiday.

To get your free copy of this 8x10 coloring page got to Simply click on the thumbnail to select the image, then, right click and save as to your hard drive. Print it and give it to your kids or Grandkids to color. Encourage them to add lots of detail to the plain eggs in the basket.

If you want to keep them busy a bit longer give them more than one page and ask them to make each one a little different. My Grandkids just loved this activity so much they brought over friends and had a coloring contest.

If you have one that you're especially proud of scan it, upload and share with other relatives. You might also wish to post a link using the Disqus comments feature on this at the bottom of this post so I can see it too!

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Karen said...

I think it is time that my son starts to work for himself so that I shall give him this site and if he wants the coloring book he will need to order. He is small but this is a great way to start with independent work on the computer.